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Please take a moment to check out THOMAS T. THINN STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEYand let me know if you would like a sample for you and your team to review! 

Thomas T. Thinn was a man of good and courteous conduct, as he brought only the finest quality attributes to his life. He came from a family of good standing, proper in all aspects, and dedicated to a just and righteous life. His character and personality were both resolute and ruggedly structured, yet soft and warm, with an approachable nature. His inherent moral concepts were unwavering and without reproach, as although his beginnings were relatively humble in origins, he passionately insisted on respect and dignity for all. 

Thomas could only be found wearing his neatly pressed suits and top hat, and always sporting a cane. It is rumored that his cane was hollow, and was always filled with aged bourbon, from his secret mash. It was common for Thomas to tip his hat to the ladies, as he passed them by. He could ride, shoot, fence, box, swim, and row, not to mention holding his own on the dance floor. 

He was a true gentleman, as one who was fashioned after only the highest models. His qualities depended not on fashion or manners, but upon moral worth. He was not fixate upon personal possessions, but instead, upon personal qualities that he could display in this life, and take with him to the next.

His Finest Proper Bourbon, starts out with the highest quality, hand selected barrels and oaks, from quality cooperage houses. The custom spirits, and tested finished bourbon, is carefully aged to create unique flavor profiles. The barrels impart unique flavors derived from custom char and toast levels that create a prefect balance of richness and complexity rarely seen in todays market. His Bourbon is both straight and robust, yet soft with a hint of Thinn Vanilla.